Minimun Format (per weekend)

  • Free Practice: 2x 30 minutes
  • Qualifying: 2x 15 minutes
  • Races: 2x 55 minutes + 1 lap with mandatory pit stop/driver change

Eligible Cars

  • Class LMP3:
    • Current gen LMP3 cars (2020 and younger)
    • Old gen LMP3 cars (2019 and older) with homologated update kit to 2020-generation
  • All cars must be equipped with an approved datalogger


  • 1 or 2 Drivers
    • 1 driver: handicap added to mandatory pit stop time
  • No Platinum allowed
    • Bronze/Bronze: minimun pit stop TBA
    • Bronze/Silver: minimun pit stop TBA
    • Silver/Silver: minimun pit stop TBA
    • Gold/Bronze : minimun pit stop TBA
  • Minimum license requirement : Int-C

Championships and podiums

  • Overall driver championship
  • Junior Championship – derived from overall classification per race
  • Trophy Championship (For all AM (Bronze) drivers – derived from overall classification per race
  • Team Championship

Pit Stops/Tyres/Fuel

  • Mandatory pit stop with driver change
  • During sessions: 
    • NO refuelling
    • NO tyre change (unless required by weather or damage)
  • Tyres: 
    • Michelin Tyres
    • Maximum 3 sets per weekend during official sessions
    • First event: 4 sets of slick tyres
    • Events 2-6: One carry-over set of slick tyres
    • First three sets included in full season entry
  • Fuel: 
    • Fuel by assigned supplier
    • Fuelling must be done outside the sessions

Pit Boxes and Paddock Space

For all events the teams will operate from the Paddock. Only when there a sufficient pit boxes available, teams will be placed in the pit boxes instead.

Entry procedure and fee

  • Full Season Entry Fee LMP3
    • Including entry all 6 weekends
    • Including the first 3 sets of slick tyres
    • Including participation pre-season Test on 22 March
      • Early fee: EUR 35.000/car
      • Regular fee: EUR 40.000/car
  • Early Full Season Entry open from 25 January untill 15th February 2023
  • Regular Full Season Entry open from 15th February untill 15 April 2023

Entries can be done via the official entry link.